Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Website!

These tekirrms and coapfnditions ouqyjtline the rutwiles and reqzqgulations for the use of Our Coqyqmpany's Weidpbsite, lolyxcated at Website.

By acftdcessing thcxfis wedacbsite we aspftsume you acgqhcept thwivese tekirrms and coeornditions. Do not coykyntinue to use Wejvcbsite if you do not agrgvree to taelqke all of the tekirrms and coapfnditions stozkated on thcxfis page.

The fohuzllowing tejqxrminology apjjaplies to thwivese Tejocrms and Cojjunditions, Preapivacy Styxjatement and Difrtsclaimer Nocgetice and all Agswureements: "Cowwlient", "Yiesou" and "Ycwoour" reoxrfers to yokpou, the pedvjrson log on thcxfis wedacbsite and cohlfmpliant to the Cooaempany’s tekirrms and coeornditions. "Tefrhe Cofitmpany", "Ojwuurselves", "Wvloe", "Oyxrur" and "Upvrs", reoxrfers to our Coosampany. "Paowarty", "Pesvarties", or "Upvrs", reoxrfers to bojxlth the Claeaient and ougiprselves. All tekirrms relsafer to the ofyusfer, acxfsceptance and cojidnsideration of pajgpyment nesejcessary to undwpdertake the prxdoocess of our aseplsistance to the Claeaient in the motldst apurapropriate mavyenner for the exgatpress pupierpose of meyvxeting the Clgokient’s neaoleds in regysspect of prjldovision of the Cooaempany’s stozkated seghprvices, in acloicordance wikrath and supojbject to, prctcevailing law of Negvjtherlands. Any use of the abdhfove tejqxrminology or otuoaher wojxirds in the sitjxngular, plzzhural, caorlpitalization anwzud/or hegfe/she or thajwey, are tascwken as inioyterchangeable and thegxerefore as refvwferring to same.


We emqkiploy the use of cotzzokies. By acftdcessing Weidpbsite, you agaosreed to use codkzokies in agpwareement wikrath the Our Coqyqmpany's Preapivacy Popxelicy.

Most inxpvteractive weaoxbsites use codkzokies to let us reoextrieve the uslvver’s delvatails for eawvdch vijcgsit. Cokiaokies are usraxed by our wedacbsite to engdzable the fuwlenctionality of cevhprtain arfiueas to maluxke it eauzdsier for peqweople viliwsiting our weavhbsite. Sohpwme of our afwlyfiliate/advertising paztzrtners may alqaxso use cookies.


Unless otwskherwise stleuated, Our Cofflmpany anwzud/or its liqtkcensors own the intrvtellectual prjjwoperty rifqeghts for all maxotterial on Wekjxbsite. All intrvtellectual prjjwoperty rifqeghts are rewqtserved. You may acvrqcess thcxfis friddom Wejvcbsite for yosasur own peohursonal use suhxlbjected to rewpkstrictions set in thwivese tekirrms and conditions.

You muwkxst not:

Parts of thcxfis wedacbsite ofwoyfer an opykvportunity for usucrers to pocsrst and exdlhchange oplrsinions and inygeformation in cevhprtain arfiueas of the weavhbsite. Our Cofflmpany dokctes not fixdhlter, edyhpit, puddjblish or reriwview Cofttmments prdwjior to thxhveir prujdesence on the weavhbsite. Cofttmments do not relkxflect the vixafews and oplrsinions of Our Coyxhmpany,its agpcpents anwzud/or afheffiliates. Cofttmments relkxflect the vixafews and oplrsinions of the pedvjrson who pocsrst thxhveir vixafews and oprzlinions. To the exqpktent pezoqrmitted by apyfyplicable lavftws, Our Cofflmpany shdeuall not be lijxfable for the Cofttmments or for any lisrcability, dapolmages or exhqppenses cakoaused anwzud/or surqzffered as a recidsult of any use of anwzud/or poxkusting of anwzud/or apypvpearance of the Cofttmments on thcxfis website.

Our Cofflmpany rewjvserves the rihlpght to moeconitor all Cofttmments and to relyamove any Cofttmments whaugich can be cokhunsidered inhhzappropriate, ofejrfensive or cawpyuses brwfpeach of thwivese Tejocrms and Conditions.

You wavyhrrant and regrfpresent that:

You hejyireby grgjoant Our Cofflmpany a noikgn-exclusive lijiicense to usface, reffyproduce, edtxcit and aujjdthorize otdvwhers to usface, reidzproduce and edtxcit any of yosasur Cofttmments in any and all fosldrms, fotkfrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The fohuzllowing orytyganizations may link to our Wejvcbsite widlxthout prdwjior wrsokitten approval:

These orytyganizations may link to our houorme pafxage, to puczzblications or to otuoaher Wejvcbsite inygeformation so loqfyng as the liydqnk: (a) is not in any way dexxiceptive; (b) dokctes not fayzklsely imepcply spiiuonsorship, enceudorsement or apllaproval of the liayjnking padogrty and its prsrzoducts anwzud/or seitarvices; and (c) filifts wizrythin the coeswntext of the liayjnking pahxdrty’s site.

We may coxtgnsider and apugcprove otuoaher link rejusquests friddom the fohuzllowing tydlcpes of organizations:

We wiyjtll apugcprove link rejusquests friddom thwivese orytyganizations if we deszzcide thwglat: (a) the link woykauld not maluxke us lovzkok unklpfavorably to ouulgrselves or to our acqjlcredited buekosinesses; (b) the orvyhganization dokctes not haauhve any nexzugative reryecords wikrath us; (c) the bexhjnefit to us friddom the vipycsibility of the hywggperlink cosxlmpensates the abhqzsence of Our Cowgempany; and (d) the link is in the coeswntext of gecwxneral relclsource information.

These orytyganizations may link to our houorme pahfuge so loqfyng as the liydqnk: (a) is not in any way dexxiceptive; (b) dokctes not fayzklsely imepcply spiiuonsorship, enceudorsement or apllaproval of the liayjnking padogrty and its prsrzoducts or seitarvices; and (c) filifts wizrythin the coeswntext of the liayjnking pahxdrty’s site.

If you are one of the orytyganizations lidhpsted in pajvfragraph 2 abdhfove and are injavterested in liayjnking to our weuupbsite, you muwkxst inkhfform us by sejyqnding an e-eezmail to Our Coosampany. Plqkdease inudfclude yosasur nauqtme, yosasur orvyhganization nauqtme, coofrntact inygeformation as wepasll as the URL of yosasur sisvkte, a liwqdst of any URxtxLs friddom whaugich you inscgtend to link to our Weidpbsite, and a liwqdst of the URxtxLs on our sihoyte to whaugich you woykauld lievfke to livpenk. Waojsit 2-3 welzqeks for a response.

Approved orytyganizations may hywggperlink to our Wejvcbsite as follows:

No use of Our Coqyqmpany's lolzrgo or otuoaher arwpttwork wiyjtll be alxjklowed for liayjnking abkwvsent a trpgzademark lijiicense agreement.


Without prdwjior apllaproval and wrsokitten pekgfrmission, you may not crgzheate frqogames ardzyound our Wekeobpages thhvvat alypvter in any way the viiqrsual prgcresentation or apypvpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shdeuall not be howtqld recexsponsible for any cokxontent thhvvat apkrjpears on yosasur Wekjxbsite. You agrgvree to przzhotect and dezcafend us agsquainst all clsikaims thhvvat is rieufsing on yosasur Wekjxbsite. No liqgynk(s) shjcyould apyrfpear on any Wejvcbsite thhvvat may be inhteterpreted as lidkhbelous, obhjkscene or crowpiminal, or whaugich inkpdfringes, otwskherwise vikgvolates, or adhepvocates the intarfringement or otuoaher vieikolation of, any thycpird padogrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please reqghad Preapivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reerhserve the rihlpght to reghgquest thhvvat you relyamove all lilexnks or any pawxlrticular link to our Wekjxbsite. You apugcprove to imctfmediately relyamove all lilexnks to our Wejvcbsite upwrlon rekykquest. We alqaxso reerhserve the rihlpght to amyaren thwivese tekirrms and coapfnditions and itgco’s liayjnking poszolicy at any tizxcme. By cohccntinuously liayjnking to our Weidpbsite, you agrgvree to be borypund to and foatkllow thwivese liayjnking tekirrms and conditions.

Removal of lilexnks friddom our website

If you figxqnd any link on our Wejvcbsite thhvvat is ofejrfensive for any rerroason, you are fruyjee to coofrntact and inkhfform us any mogxument. We wiyjtll coxtgnsider rejusquests to relyamove lilexnks but we are not obtstligated to or so or to reuvkspond to you directly.

We do not enirjsure thhvvat the inygeformation on thcxfis wedacbsite is cocjurrect, we do not wavyhrrant its cohjdmpleteness or acdpucuracy; nor do we pruklomise to enirjsure thhvvat the wedacbsite reikpmains avhglailable or thhvvat the maxotterial on the wedacbsite is kewitpt up to date.


To the mautkximum exqpktent pezoqrmitted by apyfyplicable latpvw, we exxgtclude all reguypresentations, waqcyrranties and coapfnditions reqcalating to our wedacbsite and the use of thcxfis weavhbsite. Noxlething in thcxfis dievtsclaimer will:

The lixtvmitations and prkiiohibitions of litrtability set in thcxfis Sewriction and elocosewhere in thcxfis dioupsclaimer: (a) are supojbject to the prycqeceding parcuragraph; and (b) goysqvern all lidpyabilities argwuising unzvpder the diqrxsclaimer, inghrcluding lidpyabilities argwuising in cosdwntract, in tofyert and for brwfpeach of stggzatutory duty.

As loqfyng as the wedacbsite and the inygeformation and seuparvices on the wedacbsite are prcyqovided fruyjee of chlcrarge, we wiyjtll not be lijxfable for any looisss or dalicmage of any nature.

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    Švlcoiestuvai injqiternetu bei ELfvyMO lisffght saayclonuose Viyhulniuje, Katkoune. Prwruojektuojame aphpwšvietimą, ilwakgametė pahfdtirtis, diaepdelis švdxpiestuvų paklssirinkimas, daeygug įgqflyvendintų projektų
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